“Once I stopped with the excuses, my life has changed. There’s no reason for me to lose any more.”

Travis Browne takes on Fabricio Werdum this month on UFC on Fox. The winner will get a title shot at Cain Velasquez most likely in late 2014.

Travis Browne (via mmaquotes)

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“When one has no form, one can be all forms; when one has no style, he can fit in with any style.”

This quote from Bruce Lee falls in line of his philosophy to “Be Like Water”. Water can take the form of shape of anything and in that sense can be any form. This can be applied to life in that you can absorb beauty and positive world-views from a plurality of sources, without feeling bogged down to one single point of view. Thereby you are able to continually learn and adapt in infinite ways.

Bruce Lee (via mmaquotes)

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“You’re nervous because you’re afraid of the outcome. Accept the worst outcome..You’ll be free & fight like you’re able to.”

Randy Couture on the sports psychology concept of making peace with the worst outcome so that it doesn’t dominate your thinking. Oftentimes the fear of losing becomes such a dominant emotion in an athlete, which makes that though dominate their thinking and can end up being a self-fulfilling prophecy. Accepting the worst outcomes frees one of that burden and allows one to achieve peak performance.

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“Standing still is never a good option. Not in the ring, and not in life…When you stop moving, you’re done”

Georges St-Pierre on how motion and movement are the basis of like. Standing still is a lethal formula inside the UFC Octagon and can be a similar situation in everyday existence.

Georges St-Pierre

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(via mmaquotes)